SITUATION: Complexions Rx, a San Diego retail chain startup providing premium skin care treatments and products and backed by venture capitalists including Mission Ventures, wanted to develop an e-commerce website to compliment the brick-and-mortar retail sales of it's skin care product line and to further develop online strategic relationships.

CHALLENGE: Complexions Rx had enlisted the services of another local website design firm to develop it's initial website. The original site was not designed to market the products and services of Complexions Rx in an e-commerce environment and was found to be extremely cumbersome with regard to download and navigation. Without an e-commerce presence, Complexions Rx would be unable to sell it's products and services direct-to-consumer online.

SOLUTION: Marketingweb was hired to act as the technical and marketing lead in the redesign of the Complexions Rx website. Working with the original design firm, Marketingweb completely restructured the Complexions Rx website into an e-commerce site that provided fast access, intuitive navigation, graphic continuity, and reliable payment processing. Diane Watlov-Collins, founder of Marketingweb was responsible for the preparation of a strategic plan for e-commerce site development using MIVA Merchant as the e-commerce software; directing all aspects of technical site construction, implementation and maintenance including warehouse/fulfillment and 24/7 customer service; and ensuring the further development of early stage strategic relationships.

Recently, Complexions Rx was sold to a local San Diego dermatologist. The ComplexionsRX website's current design and maintenance is provided by their in-house staff.





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