SITUATION: Robert Half International, Inc., the world's first and largest specialized staffing service had hired an outside consulting firm to help them develop technology that would enable them to vastly increase their ability to quickly review and direct the number of resumes they received on a daily basis. The outside consulting firm had presented a plan which included the formation of a RHII subsidiary that would apply, package and sell the technology to other companies.

CHALLENGE: Robert Half International, Inc. wanted to reassess the existing project research and marketing plans as well as the value and inherent risks of forming said subsidiary.

SOLUTION: Marketingweb helped RHII determine the market readiness and effect of the proposed product as related to the RHII business model, pricing structure and branding. This resulted in RHII's decision to redesign the product and direct it for internal use ending plans for the formation of a subsidiary that would potentially cannibalize the parent company.




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