SITUATION: The producers of the Women in Business Symposium, an annual San Diego conference showcasing high caliber professional speakers addressing the concerns of business women today, wanted to create a professional looking identity that would help them develop greater awareness of the Symposium.

CHALLENGE: Although the Symposium provided a valuable service, it did not have the capital required to purchase the professional services sought.

SOLUTION: As a strong supporter of women's issues, Marketingweb stepped in on a pro bono basis to develop the identity package for the Symposium. The development included the company logo, print materials, and original website. The Symposium producers honored Marketingweb's founder, Diane Watlov-Collins at Women in Business Symposium 2002 as the "friend and mentor who put them on the map," and expressed their gratitude for the generosity of Marketingweb in the community service performed.

We, at Marketingweb considered it an honor and a privilege to serve.

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