Irvine, CA, December 15, 1999 - Marketingweb.com will no longer offer its online services free of charge to the Internet community. "Our paying client load has increased substantially, said Diane W. Collins, president of Marketingweb.com. "After much consideration, we have determined that the free information site model we first developed for Marketingweb.com has seen its day."

Ms. Collins went on to state that the meager revenue produced in general by online advertising and affiliate programs could not support the time and effort needed to sustain a niche portal such as Marketingweb.com. "It is our opinion, that the Web is segmenting into users who are willing to pay for information and those who simply aren't." Much like Forester, IDC, and Nielsen Media/NetRatings, we are convinced that there are corporations prepared to "purchase" quality information online."

Marketingweb.com's unique twist is that the online services are included in the client's consulting fee. In other words, if you have contracted with Marketingweb.com to develop an Internet initiative for your company, you have access to all of the online educational materials without additional charge. Ms. Collins hastened to add, "There is one exception. That is Marketingweb Reports which is to be reintroduced as a print publication." Previously the company's monthly e-zine, Marketingweb Reports will be developed into an in-depth report covering major, emerging trends within the industry. The topics to be covered in the first series of the newly revised Marketingweb Reports are to be announced January 3, 1999.

When asked if the general user would be completely locked out of the site, Ms. Collins replied,"We will still offer limited free services to those who wish to get to know us before committing to contracts. These services include: Marketingweb News, our quarterly newsletter; Editor's Notes, our monthly commentary on what the Internet "experts" are saying; and the MKWC Email Discussion List which hashes over Internet marketing and ecommerce issues set by the group.

In closing remarks Ms. Collins stated, " We only ask that our users have patience with us as we undertake the arduous task of updating our site." The changes are scheduled to be complete by the end of December 999. The company's market repositioning was announced at a press conference in Irvine, CA today.

Founded in 1997, Marketingweb.com is an Internet marketing consultancy. The company focuses on developing strategic Internet marketing initiatives for clients. The Marketingweb.com community is composed of small to medium size businesses that are either in the process of developing or plan to develop an Internet presence in the near future.


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Posted: Wednesday, December 15, 1999



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