September 10, 2008, Irving, TX - GiftWrappingAir.com, a web site designed to take the "air" out of the political Left was officially launched today. The project is wholly owned, operated and managed by Marketingweb.com. Disturbed by what many see as the media’s highly liberal account of the 2008 Presidential campaign, GiftWrappingAir.com concentrates on the issues facing the American people. “We leave the sensationalism of the 2008 Presidential campaign to those in the online and offline media who wish to be seen as tabloids rather than news bureaus,” stated Diane W. Collins, founder of Marketingweb.com.

The story of GiftWrappingAir.com is a simple one. During the 2008 Democratic National Party Convention, (DNC) a correspondent referred to the Democratic Party packaging of their ticket as "gift wrapping air." The correspondent was pointing to the lack of Sen. Obama's executive and foreign affairs experience, adding that placing Sen. Joe Biden on the Democratic ticket and producing numerous party-loyal testimonials was like "gift wrapping air."

We agree. So, GiftWrappingAir.com was born. “We're focused on taking the air out of the political Left and delivering a clear picture of the Republican Party ticket. Enough Hollywood. Let's get to what's real... on both sides,” Ms. Collins said. “As the liberal media distorts the candidates’ words, records and policies, GiftWrappingAir.com keeps watch... hopefully helping to ensure the public gets the truth,” Ms. Collins stated.

This has not come without difficulty for the web site. Prior to its official launch the site was made public and submitted to major search engines. Bias in the way search engines index information has been observed and logged for further report. “It’s interesting that a grassroots instrument open to everyone seems to have developed into a tool which is working to exclude the voice of Middle America. I have been involved with the Internet since 1997 and it greatly disturbs me that the principles we fought for, which gave a voice to the “little guy” are being used to exclude that very voice,” Ms. Collins said.

Pre-emptive censorship is something Marketingweb.com believes we must all fight against. Congress and the FCC are recognizing trends online that promote this type of activity. “Marketingweb.com will work toward keeping the Internet as a voice open to all,” Ms. Collins concluded.



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