October 31, 2005, San Diego, CA - Today Marketingweb.com announced the release of its first white paper based on OwnerBuilder-forsale™, a For Sale by Owner advertising prototype developed by Marketingweb.com. The purpose of the prototype was to identify best methods and practices in the advertising of private party real estate. The study was conducted over a four and a half year period.

"Increasing the Value of the Classified Ad" addresses the dilema large advertising entities have created for themselves by catering to the realtor market. Providing realtors with better advertising tools and coverage than that offered to the For Sale by Owner has been status quo in the newspaper industry. Realtors purchase more expensive ads and offer repeat business. Not exactly rocket science. So what's the problem? Paradigm shift.

With the incredible growth in home values, a six percent real estate commission represents significant capital. Recent research has shown that 80% of those who wish to sell their homes plan to try to sell them first as a For Sale by Owner in an attempt to save the commission. Interest rate increases and overall changes in the economy have renewed fears of a housing market bubble burst. This has intensified not only the owner's desire but his/her need to preserve equity during a sale. An increase in the placement of private party classified ads is expected. Further, the more "upside down" the markets tend to become the less commission realtors will be able to charge. A direct inverse relationship to private party classified ads will be seen in the reduced placement of realtor ads as realtors rely more heavily on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). Translation: More classified ads... less profit.

An opportunity to greatly increase classified ad market share and revenue exists. The caveat? Offering private parties better tools with which to sell their own homes could alienate the realtor and immediately reduce current ad market share. How do you manufacture a situation that allows the large advertising entities to "have their cake and eat it too?" Current efforts to accomplish this executed by online factions of radio, television, and newspapers have not been successful.

"Increasing the Value of the Classified Ad" is specifically aimed at helping newspapers maximize their private party real estate classified ad revenue while protecting their current realtor market share. The white paper is available to clients only and requires a current consulting contract.

BACKGROUND: Marketingweb.com began researching the For Sale by Owner market in January 2001. In 2003, based on two years of preliminary research Marketingweb.com launched OwnerBuilder-forsale.com™ a prototype "For Sale By Owner" advertising agency utilizing traditional and online advertising capabilities and a "neighborhood" strategic partner network. Marketingweb.com ensured that the prototype respected the legal distinctions required to qualify as an advertising agency versus a “realtor”. The concept was introduced within a restricted territory that offered a diverse range of home values, diverse target demographics / psychographics, and a highly saturated realtor market.

Marketingweb.com concluded prototype research in August 2005. Since that time, Marketingweb.com has reviewed the data to determine best customer, service model, and pricing and has analyzed competitor response / change mechanics. Several white papers will be released based on this four and a half year research project.

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Posted: October 31, 2005
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